Facing Fear of Freedom

This year I have decided to read as many books  possibly I can read, for that reason I have subscribed to online e-book reading service Scribd.com which works on my laptop as well as on all of my hand held devices, using this service enables me to read multiple books in a month till now my score is 6 books a month which I believe is pretty good for someone who was previously reading one book a year.  Mostly I am reading books which are covering personal development & financial management areas both areas are new for me & it helps me to understand the psychology of personal development & financial management, I believe both are interconnect with each other and you cannot ignore one or other if you really wants to be successful in your life.

Yesterday night I was hearing pod-cast from Seth Godi, it was my first time listening Seth Godin although I am regular reader of his blog, podcast hosted by my favourite, inspirational & famous Natalie Sisson it was about “Facing Your Fear of #Freedom and Accepting Tension” . Interesting thing about pod-cast was, how Seth Godin explains the phenomena of fear & how to overcome.

My take away from the session were two points

  •  “Start writing one blog a day” anyone who is not writing  is actually missing something very important in his/her life. So getup and start writing don’t worry if initially no one reads your blog or you write crappy just keep writing & keep improving .
  • One needs to be like an eagle who absolutely has no fear of its prey no matter what the size of its prey is that is my way of dealing with fear. what’s yours ?

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Political Activism

In a Country where everything breeds on money . I have decided to take active part in politics although I don’t have any money in my pocket but still I believe I can start . I have simply no Idea how my family is going to react on my decision , obvious reply we usually get when someone make such statement “don’t waste your time  & energies on useless things” .ah in my country religion and politics are two many areas which are considered useless but most discussed everyone consider himself  Muhammad Ali Jinnah of politics but no one wants to take it as a career as Mr. Jinnah took,same is the case with religion everyone consider himself a Mufti-e-Azam but never thought of sending his / her child for proper religious education.

Why I want to be active in politics simple answer is I love my country & want Pakistan to be safe , stable & corruption free for myself & for my coming generations. I believe this cannot be achieved unless people like me who actually own this country who have stakes in this country & who don’t have any other place to take refugee ,comes out & start asking questions from those who are taking decision on our behalf  . So now time has come where we common people real owner of Pakistan start  owning Pakistan & take Pakistan in our own hands .

Now Question arises which party to choose as in Pakistan we have plenty of option available , but which party to choose is a question which determine what type of politics one wants to do  . Parties like PML-N,Q , PPP are conventional parties with many veteran politicians but upward growth in  these parties is not just difficult but impossible for a person like me . Parties which are truly called a common man parties are  only two or some extend three PTI, JI & ANP . ANP is  a secular party , their kinship matches with communism so I will set aside . So only two options  left PTI & JI both are considered to be clean parties & both provide opportunity  & platform for workers to progress within party ranks .

I asked my readers to give me their valuable suggestion which one to use & why .

Curious Case of Abbas Town Blast

An authentic intelligence report reveals that Abbas Town episode was neither a bomb blast nor a suicide attack. Abbas Town and a nearby Iqra city residences are MQM’s strongholds. Many places in these areas are used as stores for gathering ammunition and explosives. MQM was shifting part of that explosive to some other unidentified parts of the city when the transporting truck loaded with heavy explosives suddenly blasted, causing such a huge loss of lives and properties. LeJ and Taliban have always been claiming responsibilities for all those events where they were involved but in this case they have not claimed any responsibility. Moreover, MQM has not allowed any investigation teams, rescue teams or relief workers to enter in the area, fearing that the secrets may not be revealed.

Why Media is not highlighting this are they afraid of MQM terror squad who has already killed hundreds of innocent people in Karachi.

Despotic Secular of Muslim World

Despotic Government of Bangladesh is not interested in rule of law , Human rights & independent judiciary. Awami League Government is only interested in revenge, that revenge on which they are not clear from whom they have to take so they just picked easy prey with weak evidence Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (Largest Islamic political party) thus pushing country into anarchy & civil war.

This story is not a unique  & confined only to Bangladesh ,all Secular Governments in Muslim world have no respect for human rights  from Pakistan to Bangladesh & from Syria to Azerbaijan these Secularist are pushing countries after countries into anarchy just to satisfy their lust for power.

Shia Killing & Easy Load Government !

Tragedy after tragedy , now becomes a routine matter for everyone in Pakistan. What else one can expect from a nation where average 15 to 20 people die daily in different parts of country.

Just returned from a rally on Mall Road Lahore organized by WTM against the repeated killings of innocent Hazara community in Quetta who are mostly Shia Muslims. People from all walked of life were there , condemning horrific act of terrorism & demanding justice for Hazara . It is a good sign that finally as a nation  we stood up against terrorism & demanding justice, but unfortunately current  Secular incompetent Government is reluctant in taking any concrete action against Lej (Group who took responsibility for attack). Government minsters are trying to cool things by just issuing hollow statements without  concrete measures to fight any sort of terrorism either done in the name of religion / race / Language.

Right now , writing of this blog hundreds of people from Hazara community are sitting outside Governor House along with the dead bodies of their loved ones in Quetta  refusing to bury unless their demand of handing over Quetta to Pakistan Army is not met. Last month similar sit-in was staged when same Community was attacked which result in suspension of Baluchistan Assembly by Federal Govt but it took four days for Govt to act & protesters had to sit in chilling weather with dead bodies .

Role of Liberals remained as negative as it can be  hopeless creatures. They are demanding military actions against TTP or Lej but they are criminally silent on killing of innocent in drone attacks & killing done in Karachi by Liberal Fascist party MQM . May be people died in drone attacks or died in Karachi are from lesser God or may be they don’t consider them human but truth is if they protest on the killings done by US Drone they will surely loose lot of dollars. So I will leave them to bite their own dust. One Interesting observation for last two days Liberal cult on social Media seen sharing pictures of dead / injured children from Gaza (who were killed in Israeli bombings which liberal cult never condemn ) & Syria (where Shia Government is bombing its own citizens) & labelling them as  pictures from Quetta.

One Clear Message to every Pakistani if you need justice & if you want liberal Cult on Social Media or UN or Western backed N.G.O to make noise on your death you need to choose where and how you want to be killed if you got killed in drone or military operation or killed in Karachi by MQM terrorists then you are unlucky creature ,We are sorry , it doesn’t matter you are terrorist or innocent you will be declared as collateral damage & no one is going to pay any heed.

Tragedy after tragedy , now becomes a routine matter for everyone in Pakistan. What else one can expect from a nation where average 15 to 20 people die daily in different parts of country.

A Thought for Muslim Secular

Obedience to Allah ( Islam) at individual level is accepted but not at statehood level. Promulgation of sharia. what it is kufr or islam ? Quran labels such person fasiq, fajir  & kafir.

Life is precious !!!!!!

I work in startup Multinational company which is an emerging company in field of Information Technology (I.T). One day while sitting in office I thought what I am going to do if there is some sort of fire incident in office & answer was terrifying , first as we all are divided in different teams & every team sits in their respected rooms behind closed doors, Only mode of communication between different teams is Skype. Although I am working in Multi-National Company but unfortunately there is no fire alarms , no fire extinguishers no proper exit doors . This is not the story of my office Only , this is the story of 95% of Pakistani offices / factories & homes.

Recent examples are fire incidents in Lahore & specially in Karachi where 300 precious human lives lost including women & children. The worst fire incident in Pakistan’s History.
So Whose fault is it, I believe we cannot just blame  Governments for each & every incident although this is true our governments failed to implement these measures but here I will blame every Pakistani for this . We don’t teach our children about fire safety , traffic rules & other essential safety measures in schools & homes. I don’t remember my school or college or University had ever arranged any fire safety or earth quake safety drill .

We as a nation should now act & change our casual attitude towards life .Life is precious & we should learn to protect it .

Qur’an plagiarized from the bible

Taken From Irf

Many critics allege that prophet muhummad (pbuh) himself was not the author of the qur’an but he learnt it and/or plagiarised (copied or adapted) it from other human sources or from previous scriptures or revelations.

1. Muhummad learnt the qur’an from a roman blacksmith who was a Christian

 Some pagans accused the prophet of learning the qur’an from a roman blacksmith, who was a christian staying at the outskirts of makkah. The prophet very often used to go and watch him do his work. A revelation of the qur’an was sufficient to dismiss this charge – the qur’an says in surah an-nahl chapter 16 verse 103:

“we know indeed that they say, ‘it is a man that teaches him,’ the tongue of him they wickedly point to is notably foreign, while this is arabic, pure and clear.” [al-qur’an 16:103]

How could a person whose mother tongue was foreign and could hardly speak little but of poor broken arabic be the source of the qur’an which is pure, eloquent, fine arabic? To believe that the blacksmith taught the prophet the qur’an is some what similar to believing that a chinese immigrant to england, who did not know proper english, taught shakespeare.
2. Muhummad (pbuh) learnt from waraqa – the relative of khadijah (ra) 

Muhummad’s (pbuh) contacts with the jewish and christian scholars were very limited. The most prominent christian known to him was an old blind man called waraqa ibn-naufal who was a relative of the prophet’s first wife khadijah (r.a.). Although of arab descent, he was a convert to christianity and was very well versed with the new testament. The prophet only met him twice, first when waraqa was worshipping at the kaaba (before the prophetic mission) and he kissed the prophet’s forehead affectionately; the second occasion was when the prophet went to meet waraqa after receiving the first revelation. Waraqa died three years later and the revelation continued for about 23 years. It is ridiculous to assume that waraqa was the source of the contents of the qur’an.

3. Prophet’s religious discussions with the jews and Christians 

It is true that the prophet did have religious discussions with the jews and christians but they took place in madinah more than 13 years after the revelation of the qur’an had started. The allegation that these jews and christians were the source is perverse, since in these discussions prophet muhammad (pbuh) was performing the roles of a teacher and of a preacher while inviting them to embrace islam and pointing out that they had deviated from their true teachings of monotheism. Several of these jews and christians later embraced islam.

4. The prophet learnt the qur’an from those jews and christians that he met outside Arabia 

All historical records available show that muhummad (pbuh) had made only three trips outside makkah before his prophethood:

  1. At the age of 9 he accompanied his mother to madinah.
  2. Between the age of 9 and 12, he accompanied his uncle abu-talib on a business trip to syria.
  3. At the age of 25 he led khadija’s caravan to syria.

It is highly imaginary to assume that the qur’an resulted from the occasional chats and meetings with the christians or jews from any of the above three trips.
5. Logical grounds to prove that the prophet did not learn the qur’an from jews or Christians

  1. The day-to-day life of the prophet was an open book for all to see. In fact a revelation came asking people to give the prophet (pbuh) privacy in his own home. If the prophet had been meeting people who told him what to say as a revelation from god, this would not have been hidden for very long.
  2. The extremely prominent quraish nobles who followed the prophet and accepted islam were wise and intelligent men who would have easily noticed anything suspicious about the way in which the prophet brought the revelations to them – more so since the prophetic mission lasted 23 years.
  3. The enemies of the prophet kept a close watch on him in order to find proof for their claim that he was a liar – they could not point out even a single instance when the prophet may have had a secret rendezvous with particular jews and christians.
  4. It is inconceivable that any human author of the qur’an would have accepted a situation in which he received no credit whatsoever for originating the qur’an.

Thus, historically and logically it cannot be established that there was a human source for the qur’an.
6. Muhummad (pbuh) was an illiterate

 The theory that muhummad (pbuh) authored the qur’an or copied from other sources can be disproved by the single historical fact that he was illiterate.Allah testifies himself in the qur’an in surah al-ankabut chapter no.29 verse 48

“and thou was not (able) to recite a book before this (book came), nor art thou (able) to transcribe it with thy right hand: in that case, indeed, would the talkers of vanities have doubted.” [al-qur’an 29:48]

Allah (swt) knew that many would doubt the authenticity of the qur’an and would ascribe it to prophet muhummad (pbuh). Therefore allah in his divine wisdom chose the last and final messenger to be an ‘ummi’, i.e. Unlettered, so that the talkers of vanity would not then have the slightest justification to doubt the prophet. The accusation of his enemies that he had copied the qur’an from other sources and rehashed it all in a beautiful language might have carried some weight, but even this flimsy pretence has been deprived to the unbeliever and the cynic. Allah reconfirms in the qur’an in surah al a’raf chapter 7 verse 157:
“those who follow the messenger, the unlettered prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures) in the law and the gospel”
The prophecy of coming of the unlettered prophet (pbuh) is also mentioned in the bible in the book of isaiah chapter 29 verse 12.
“and the book is delivered to him that is not learned.” [isaiah 29:12]

The qur’an testifies in no less than four different places that the prophet (pbuh) was illiterate. It is also mentioned in surah a’raf chapter 7 verse 158 and in surah al-jumu’a chapter 62 verse 2.

7. Arabic version of the bible was not present

The arabic version of the bible was not present at the time of prophet muhummad (pbuh). The earliest arabic version of the old testament is that of r. Saadias gaon of 900 c.e. – more than 250 years after the death of our beloved prophet. The oldest arabic version of the new testament was published by erpenius in 1616 c.e. – about a thousand years after the demise of our prophet.

8. Similarities in the qur’an and the bible due to common source 

Similarities between the qur’an and the bible does not necessarily mean that the former has been copied from the latter. In fact it gives evidence that both of them are based on a common third source; all divine revelations came from the same source – the one universal god. No matter what human changes were introduced into some of these judeo-christian and other older religious scriptures that had distorted their originality, there are some areas that have remained free from distortion and thus are common to many religions.
It is true that there are some similar parallels between the qur’an and the bible but this is not sufficient to accuse muhummad (pbuh) of compiling or copying from the bible. The same logic would then also be applicable to teachings of christianity and judaism and thus one could wrongly claim that jesus (pbuh) was not a genuine prophet (god forbid) and that he simply copied from the old testament.
The similarities between the two signify a common source that is one true god and the continuation of the basic message of monotheism and not that the later prophets have plagiarised from the previous prophets.

If someone copies during an examination he will surely not write in the answer sheet that he has copied from his neighbour or mr. Xyz. Prophet muhummad (pbuh) gave due respect and credit to all the previous prophets (pbut). The qur’an also mentions the various revelations given by almighty god to different prophets.

9. Muslims believe in the taurah, zaboor, injeel and qur’an

Four revelations of allah (swt) are mentioned by name in the qur’an: the taurah, the zaboor, the injeel and the qur’an.

  • Taurah, the revelation i.e. The wahi given to moosa (a. S.) I.e. Moses (pbuh).
  • Zaboor, the revelation i.e. The wahi given to dawood (a.s.) I.e. David (pbuh).
  • Injeel, the revelation i.e. The wahi given to isa (a.s.) ie. Jesus (pbuh).
  • ‘al-qur’an’, the last and final wahi i.e. Revelation given to the last and final messenger muhammad (pbuh).

It is an article of faith for every muslim to believe in all the prophets of god and all revelations of god. However, the present day bible has the first five books of the old testament attributed to moses and the psalms attributed to david. Moreover the new testament or the four gospels of the new testament are not the taurah, the zaboor or the injeel, which the qur’an refers to. These books of the present day bible may partly contain the word of god but these books are certainly not the exact, accurate and complete revelations given to the prophets.

The qur’an presents all the different prophets of allah as belonging to one single brotherhood; all had a similar prophetic mission and the same basic message. Because of this, the fundamental teachings of the major faiths cannot be contradictory, even if there has been a considerable passage of time between the different prophetic missions, because the source of these missions was one: almighty god, allah. This is why the qur’an says that the differences which exist between various religions are not the responsibility of the prophets, but of the followers of these prophets who forgot part of what they had been taught, and furthermore, misinterpreted and changed the scriptures. The qur’an cannot therefore be seen as a scripture which competes with the teachings of moses, jesus and the other prophets. On the contrary, it confirms, completes and perfects the messages that they brought to their people.
Another name for the qur’an is the ‘the furqan’ which means the criteria to judge the right from the wrong, and it is on the basis of the qur’an that we can decipher which part of the previous scriptures can be considered to be the word of god.

10. Scientific comparison between qur’an and bible

If you glance through the bible and the qur’an you may find several points which appear to be exactly the same in both of them, but when you analyse them closely, you realise that there is a difference of ‘chalk and cheese’ between them. Only based on historical details it is difficult for someone who is neither conversant with christianity or islam to come to a firm decision as to which of the scriptures is true; however if you verify the relevant passages of both the scriptures against scientific knowledge, you will yourself realize the truth.

  1. Creation of the universe in six days
    as per the bible, in the first book of genesis in chapter one, the universe was created in six days and each day is defined as a twenty-four hours period. Even though the qur’an mentions that the universe was created in six ‘ayyaams’, ‘ayyaam’ is the plural of years; this word has two meanings: firstly, it means a standard twenty-four hours period i.e. A day, and secondly, it also means stage, period or epoch which is a very long period of time.

When the qur’an mentions that the universe was created in six ‘ayyaams’, it refers to the creation of the heavens and the earth in six long periods or epochs; scientists have no objection to this statement. The creation of the universe has taken billions of years, which proves false or contradicts the concept of the bible which states that the creation of the universe took six days of twenty-four hour durations each.

  1. Sun created after the day
    the bible says in chapter 1, verses 3-5, of genesis that the phenomenon of day and night was created on the first day of creation of the universe by god. The light circulating in the universe is the result of a complex reaction in the stars; these stars were created according to the bible (genesis chapter 1 verse 14 to 19) on the fourth day. It is illogical to mention the result that is the light (the phenomenon of day and night) was created on the first day of creation when the cause or source of the light was created three days later. Moreover the existence of evening and morning as elements of a single day is only conceivable after the creation of the earth and its rotation around the sun. In contrast with the contents of the bible on this issue, the qur’an does not give any unscientific sequence of creation. Hence it is absolutely absurd to say that prophet muhummad (pbuh) copied the passages pertaining to the creation of the universe from the bible but missed out this illogical and fantastic sequence of the bible.
  2. Creation of the sun, the earth and the moon
    according to the bible, book of genesis, chapter 1, verses 9 to 13, the earth was created on the third day, and as per verses 14 to 19, the sun and the moon were created on the fourth day. The earth and the moon emanated, as we know, from their original star, the sun. Hence to place the creation of the sun and the moon after the creation of the earth is contrary to the established idea about the formation of the solar system.
  3. Vegetation created on the third day and sun on the fourth day
    according to the bible, book of genesis, chapter 1, verses 11-13, vegetation was created on the third day along with seed-bearing grasses, plants and trees; and further on as per verses 14-19, the sun was created on the fourth day. How is it scientifically possible for the vegetation to have appeared without the presence of the sun, as has been stated in the bible?

If prophet muhummad (pbuh) was indeed the author of the qur’an and had copied its contents from the bible, how did he manage to avoid the factual errors that the bible contains? The qur’an does not contain any statements which are incompatible with scientific facts.

  1. The sun and the moon both emit light
    according to the bible both the sun and the moon emit their own light. In the book of genesis, chapter 1, verse 16 says, “and god made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night”.

Science tells us today that the moon does not have its own light. This confirms the qur’anic concept that the light of the moon is a reflected light. To think that 1400 years ago, prophet muhummad (pbuh) corrected these scientific errors in the bible and then copied such corrected passages in the qur’an is to think of something impossible.

11. Adam (pbuh), the first man on earth, lived 5,800 years ago

As per the genealogy of jesus christ given in the bible, from jesus through abraham (pbuh) to the first man on earth i.e. Adam (pbuh), adam appeared on the earth approximately 5800 years ago:

  1. 1948 years between adam (pbuh) and abraham (pbuh)
  2. Approximately 1800 years between abraham (pbuh) and jesus (pbuh)
  3. 2000 years from jesus (pbuh) till today

These figures are further confused by the fact that the jewish calendar is currently on or about 5800 years old.
There is sufficient evidence from archaeological and anthropological sources to suggest that the first human being on earth was present tens of thousands of years ago and not merely 5,800 years ago as is suggested by the bible.
The qur’an too speaks about adam (pbuh) as the first man on earth but it does not suggest any date or period of his life on earth, unlike the bible – what the bible says in this regard is totally incompatible with science.
12. Noah (pbuh) and the flood

The biblical description of the flood in genesis chapter 6, 7 and 8 indicates that the deluge was universal and it destroyed every living thing on earth, except those present with noah (pbuh) in the ark. The description suggests that the event took place 1656 years after the creation of adam (pbuh) or 292 years before the birth of abraham, at a time when noah (pbuh) was 600 years old. Thus the flood may have occurred in the 21st or 22nd century b.c.

This story of the flood, as given in the bible, contradicts scientific evidence from archaelogical sources which indicate that the eleventh dynasty in egypt and the third dynasty in babylonia were in existence without any break in civilisation and in a manner totally unaffected by any major calamity which may have occurred in the 21st century b.c. this contradicts the biblical story that the whole world had been immersed in the flood water. In contrast to this, the qur’anic presentation of the story of noah and the flood does not conflict with scientific evidence or archaeological data; firstly, the qur’an does not indicate any specific date or year of the occurance of that event, and secondly, according to the qur’an the flood was not a universal phenomenon which destroyed complete life on earth. In fact the qur’an specifically mentions that the flood was a localised event only involving the people of noah.
It is illogical to assume that prophet muhummad (pbuh) had borrowed the story of the flood from the bible and corrected the mistakes before mentioning it in the qur’an.

13. Moses (pbuh) and pharaoh of the exodu

The story of moses (pbuh) and the pharaoh of the exodus are very much identical in the qur’an and the bible. Both scriptures agree that the pharaoh drowned when he tried to pursue moses (pbuh) and led the israelites across a stretch of water that they crossed. The qur’an gives an additional piece of information in surah yunus chapter 10 verse 92:
“this day shall we save thee in thy body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! But verily, many among mankind are heedless of our signs!” [al-qur’an 10:92]
Dr. Maurice bucaille, after a thorough research proved that although rameses ii was known to have persecuted the israelites as per the bible, he actually died while moses (pbuh) was taking refuge in median. Rameses ii’s son merneptah who succeeded him as pharaoh drowned during the exodus. In 1898, the mummified body of merneptah was found in the valley of kings in egypt. In 1975, dr. Maurice bucaille with other doctors received permission to examine the mummy of merneptah, the findings of which proved that merneptah probably died from drowning or a violent shock which immediately preceeded the moment of drowning. Thus the qur’anic verse that we shall save his body as a sign, has been fulfilled by the pharaohs’ body being kept at the royal mummies room in the egyptian museum in cairo.

This verse of the qur’an compelled dr. Maurice bucaille, who was a christian then, to study the qur’an. He later wrote a book ‘the bible, the qur’an and science’, and confessed that the author of the qur’an can be no one else besides god himself. Thus he embraced islam.
14. Qur’an is a book from allah

These evidences are sufficient to conclude that the qur’an was not copied from the bible, but that the qur’an is the furqaan – ‘the criteria’ to judge right from wrong and it should be used to decipher which portion of the bible may be considered as the word of god.
The qur’an itself testifies in surah sajda chapter 32 verse 1 to 3
Alif laam meem. (this is) the revelation of the book in which there is no doubt – from the lord of the worlds.

Or do they say, ‘he has forged it’? Nay, it is the truth from thy lord, that thou mayest admonish a people to whom no warner has come before thee: in order that they may receive guidance.”[al-qur’an 32:1-3]

New Era of Egypt

Never thought one day I will be able to witness what is taking place in egypt . Mubarik thrown out by people’s power & person who is replacing him is a man from 84 years old party known as el-ekhwan el-moslemin or Muslim brother hood. Who thought this I think no one even MB never knew this .

Now they are in power & now is the time to show performance . People living in egypt must feel the positive change in their lives . There must be a difference between Mubarik & Dr. Morsi. In my view things which needs to be done first are as follow

  • Fix Law and order in egypt
  • Abolish Riba (interest) based economy .
  • make sure easy  & fast justice is available to everyone without discrimination.(This is What Allah (God) Wants & love)
  • Transparency in all government dealings.
  • Make sure no child is left behind in getting education & everyone is getting same level of education.
  • No need to fight with any country.
  • Open border with Palestine for humanitarian supplies

These are few things which they need to accomplish in next five years & I am pretty sure they have better understanding then me what they need to do . If they are successful then we will see Islamic parties will win all over muslim world

Naked Gate & Pakistan

In what state we are , every day is a scandal day or “Gate” day ,which remind us that how our corrupt liberal ruling elite involved in hematophagy of nation without any shame & mercy . At some extend I would say they are right to do so, we as a people opted for this by voting for them ,now why we are complaining, so what if we have to live 20 hours without electricity & water in 50 Degree temperature , we should be happy as our liberal ruling elite so called leaders enjoy full supply of electricity & water 24 / 7 . Why we are complaining if we have no security & someone sitting in London / Islamabad /Peshwar/ Quetta wants to play counter strike game in a real city with real targets they have a right on us as they are our liberal leaders who got tired while serving a nation so what if they kill few dozens in Karachi just to settle some old accounts. its ok yaar….

Just take a chill no need to make noise & frenzied, this is business as usual . Look around & you will find all countries which are run by Liberals faced same fate in muslim world. Atleast Pakistani Liberal elite class is not like Iraqi Liberal elite (Saddam hussain & baath party) famous for genocide against its own kurdish community , nor Pakistani Liberal elite is like Syrian Liberal bashar al assad who is currently involve in different massacres in syria. I am pretty sure they are also not like  Ali ibn Al-husaun of tunisia. So no need to worry, our great desi Liberal elite class is only involved in measly billion dollars scams……. OK OK They are also involved in different target killings …. but this the way they are programmed why we are forgetting they are liberals …………what else they can do .

Last but not the least these Scandals or gates are also blessing in disguise for us as it exposes all holy cows of Pakistan specially our newly inducted holy cow “Media” .Although 19 top journalists who have been allegedly favoured by the Bahria town owners in one form of the other are very annoyed on getting exposed .

Well we are all Naked here . so enjoy the nudity …… & don’t complain .